End of Deer Season

Now that deer season has come to an end, it’s time to get back into writing mode.

I didn’t get Friday’s planned gun control post done on Thursday night like I planned, and my Friday morning lasted far longer than I expected.


It involved an epic chase, and fortunately, he was in full rut (and therefore stupid). By the time he was hung up and cooling, it was nearly noon, and my afternoon was already fully accounted for. Saturday involved more work, and Sunday included an unplanned trip to the hospital to visit my great-grandmother.

And hey, let’s be honest – I didn’t have a post planned for this morning anyway.

Alongside writing, I’m closing in on my radiant heating project. One more trip to Bismarck and a couple of deliveries from Amazon and I’ll have everything I need to complete it. Black Friday isn’t going to involve any shopping for me (unless it’s at 5 AM on the couch in my underwear).

I do have some posts planned for the rest of the week (including part 3 of gun control), so stay tuned.

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