For those of you who are regular readers, you’ve probably noticed a string of days with no posts. For those of you who aren’t regular readers, these are not the posts you’re looking for.

I apologize for missing multiple posts here. I spent last week in Las Vegas (sent by my company, not for personal pleasure) working twelve-hour days, and I’ve still been trying to recover from it. What free time I’ve had has been spent working on the house, as well as sketching out the outline for my next story.

The next story, by the way, will be the first work I’ve written novel-length in entirely my own universe. I’ll (hopefully) be pursuing publication with it while wrapping up Siege and editing/reposting some of my earlier stories.

On a positive note, I found my full draft of X-Wing: Cadet. So I now have several side projects to work on, not to mention my day job, my house project, and day-to-day maintenance.

Someone should pay me full-time salary to write so I can actually get this done!

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  1. Its ok Casey. RL always comes in first just get back to us as soon as you can! Love reading the story i check at least once a week to see if anything is added.

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