The New Jedi Order: Siege – The War Thus Far


They came from beyond the Outer Rim of the galaxy, merciless invaders intent on destroying and conquering everything in their path.

At Sernpidal, Dubrillion, Agamar, Obroa-skai, Duro, they defeated and destroyed all comers. Armed with strange, biological weaponry and ships, these conquerors swept aside the forces of the New Republic like chaff in the wind. The Yuuzhan Vong seemed to be unstoppable.

Only the Jedi stood firm against them. Jedi fought and won repeatedly, but lost many of their number along the way; Miko Reglia was the first, but certainly not the last. Even Anakin Solo, the strongest of his generation of Jedi Knights, fell in combat against the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Jedi fractured under the stress: some elements became passive; others chose only to escape, to survive; still others treaded the line of the dark side by taking the fight to the invaders. Only the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker could reunite them into a single Order, and so he has—at Talfaglio, the Jedi struck a mighty blow against the Yuuzhan Vong and rescued thousands of hostages.

Even the Jedi have proven to be insufficient in the face of this menace, however. Even now, a mighty war fleet under the command of Yuuzhan Vong warmaster Tsavong Lah bears down on the galactic capital of Coruscant, with the fleets of the New Republic and the might of the Jedi insufficient to stop them…

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