A New Accomplishment for a New Year

2015 has snuck up on me with all the subtlety of a drunk driver – obvious, dangerous, and difficult to predict. The Christmas break is coming to a close, and very shortly my days are going to have less free time as my wife returns to her teaching position and I have the Peanut all day at home.

2014 wasn’t productive in terms of writing – something I’m working hard to address in the new year. (Having a kid and taking care of him really cuts into writing time and energy.) However, I did feel I need to mention my first major accomplishment of the year:

Dead Man’s Fugue has been pirated.

Yes, this is quite an accomplishment – because it means someone thought it was worthwhile to pirate.

May many more books of mine be pirated in the coming year!

(Standard disclaimer: no, I don’t want my books to be pirated. I think my prices are very reasonable for the content, and I need all the cash I can get. My CPA is already scratching his head and coughing into his hand and saying things like “social security” and “they don’t count several of your worst-performing years”. But hey, I’ll take what fame I can get.)

(Side note: sporadic blogging will be resuming this week. Don’t expect daily posts, but I should have at least a couple up a week again. Contract Hunt is taunting me with its incomplete state, and I’m pretty inspired right now.)

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