Voting Day

There’s a lot of bad advice floating around for election day.

Last night, my wife’s school called with an automated message. (We live outside her school district, so I jokingly told her that her school is encouraging her to commit voter fraud.) The message was about a major bond initiative for the school that was on the ballot – money needed for some school improvements and expansions. The message ended with “We are not encouraging you to vote for or against the measure, but please vote!”

Now, I understand why they had that last part in – the school, as a public operation, shouldn’t be taking sides in political issues – but it makes me wonder what kind of message we’re sending about our elections.

It’s the same message Michelle Obama gave recently, just wrapped up differently. (Hat tip to my brother, who provided the link.) In her case, it was, “If you’re black, vote Democrat.”

The common message here? Don’t think, just vote. Vote the way I tell you to, because of your skin color or where you live.

That’s a scary proposition.

You might be too late today, but educate yourself. Study the candidates, study the ballot measures. Learn what those candidates believe, what they’ve done in the past. Examine the ballot measures for consequences; don’t buy into the anti or pro hype at face value.

Consider carefully before party-line voting, too. Remember why places like Chicago are considered so corrupt – single-party rule for a long time means politicians no longer are worried about working for the voters, as they know they have immunity. Speaking personally, North Dakota is a great place to be right now…but will it continue to be so if the local Republicans hang onto power unchallenged?

Division in government is a good thing. Unity in government means a group can do whatever they want.

So go on, vote. But know what you’re voting for.

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