Dead Man’s Fugue – one month out

Well, it’s been a month (nearly) since Dead Man’s Fugue was released to the world. It’s been pretty exciting, and I think I’m doing rather well for a first-time author. So, here’s the quick rundown of what’s happened so far!

On Amazon, I’ve got a dozen reviews and I’ve been selling fairly well. Most indie published books supposedly sell around 250 copies or less; I’ve more than doubled that in my first month. Fortunately, the Angry Villagers got me off to a good start, and I’ve had a run on the ebook. The paperback is selling far less, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Kobo sales have been slower – as in, I’ve sold one copy. That’s okay, though–it’s better than Barnes and Noble, where I’m still fighting with the site to even let me publish for Nook. Yes, after a month, I’m still not able to get it out on the Nook store, which saddens me.

I finally got around to listing Dead Man’s Fugue on Goodreads, and already got a positive response. Anything to help raise a little visibility, right?

I managed to get plugged on Instapundit, and it’s a major enough site I didn’t comment on my first name being misspelled. I can deal with that, right?

I’m pretty much outed as a conservative author now, so I’ll mention my plug on The Other McCain, which actually was a prelude to a major run on Dead Man’s Fugue after the initial rush quieted.

I’m hoping to get plugged/featured a few other places, but it’s a slow process – lots of people seem reluctant to review a book for a first-time, independent author. Fortunately, that should get easier with time, particularly as my reader reviews keep coming in and praising my book. (I appreciate it!)

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the local publicity. (Note that the linked story is an excerpt from the full published article.) Yes, I wound up in full color on the front page of the local paper – an event exciting enough my brother called me from his mailbox when he saw it.

I’m having a local book signing at the coffee shop here in town on Tuesday night, from 4 PM to 7 PM. Hopefully the good publicity will continue!

I also sat down today and started putting some serious work into Contract Hunt. Between that and the work I need to get done in the house before the baby comes, I’m definitely not going to have a lot of extra time to get it done. My intention is to have Contract Hunt done by Halloween, which will give us a couple weeks to proofread and edit before publishing by Thanksgiving.

I’m not getting bored any time soon!

2 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Fugue – one month out

  1. Ani, this was a GREAT book. Check out my review I left on amazon. Please keep writing about this arena. There was so much, mish mash of different settings (privateer the videogame, our time with SWG (granted I think the main character was either Haylen or Ryian), cyberpunk, etc. But it was good, I’ve seen other writers try to do this and it never seemed right. The setting seems almost like it could be a table top rpg setting.

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