On “realism” in Science Fiction Combat

I read an article here, and it got me to thinking on the subject.


Even someone who doesn’t know me will, after thirty seconds on this site, have a good idea that I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Less immediately obvious is my affection for Battlestar Galactica (the new series). You’d have to know me very well to know that my senior project in college for my English degree was the creation of my own science-fiction universe, a complete 100-page universe bible of sorts.

I do find articles like this a bit amusing–science fiction combat is derided as “unrealistic”, while at the same time, the article’s author admits he has no idea what futuristic combat will look like.

It’s definitely worth reading.

One thought on “On “realism” in Science Fiction Combat

  1. An interesting read. Being in the Navy, I think it’s fun to see the similarities in my favorite sci-fi universes. It’s also way too easy to just hit the “I believe” button and look past a lot of the problems that the article points out.

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