Destiny’s Heir – Status Update

I haven’t been writing much on here because of just how busy my life has been lately.

I was promoted at work several months ago (about the time I was trying to finish writing Siege) to a manager position, which has added quite a bit of stress at work, as well as taking away from my writing time. It was a large raise in pay and has given myself and my wife a degree of financial security we didn’t previously have–security we needed to proceed with some of our plans for life.

Speaking of plans for life, we broke ground on an addition to our house. Me being me, that translates to a whole bunch of manual labor because I dislike hiring someone to do something for me. As of the time I’m writing this, we’ve excavated our front yard, poured new cement walls for the addition, and have been working crazy-busy on getting things in place to ensure we’ll have our new addition closed up by the time winter strikes us. It’s a fast-paced project, and it means most nights I leave work, drive home, and then work on the house until dark.

Needless to say, that hasn’t left a lot of extra time for writing.

After spending some time off the project, I’ve kicked back into gear on Destiny’s Heir. As of right now, the outline I’m working from calls for 20 chapters to the story, four of which have been completed and another four are in varying states of completion. I’ve committed myself back to the writing schedule I used for the first half of Siege, trying to advance the story a thousand words per day. Will I stick to that? I’m trying, but we’ll see what happens as the house project transitions from the cement stage to the framing stage.

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about writing, and I haven’t forgotten about this site. I still need to finish editing The Nalera Conflict so I can post it here and feed the angry villagers…

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